Can I get a child tax credit if i havent worked all year?

my baby is due in July 2007. I havent been able to work because im pregnant, but i have recieved cash assistance from welfare. Will I still be able to get money back for my child when i file my taxes next year? And how much is it for one child. thanks
Answer:    If you work between now and December 31, 2007, then you may get tax benefits because of the child. For example, if you make $10,000, you will owe no tax and get a check for over $2,700 from the Earned Income Credit.

If you have not worked, then you will not receive a credit. The payments you receive from welfare are not taxable.
you probably cant file if its just you and the baby, if youre married then yes, as far as welfare, the cash, no you cannot claim that as an income the TANAF cannot be taxed so therefore cannot be filed on. The earned Income Tax credit is i think, dont quote me ..1400.00 per child, but you can also visit the IRS homepage to find out for sure.
The child tax credit is nonrefundable. That means it can reduce your tax to zero, but not generate a refund above your payments. If you don't work all year, you probably won't have any withholding. In that case, there is nothing to refund. the EIC is refundable, but requires earned income to claim. If you don't work, you usually have no earned income. You may be eligible for the "Additional Child Tax Credit" which is refundable. See page 42 of the instructions for form 1040 for more information.
No, you will have to have to have income (earned income) in order to get any type of credit for your child. Key word is "earned". The type of income you describe does not make you eligable. How much income will many times determine what type and how much of the credit(s) you would qualify for.
You still have the later part of the year to work, even it's part time, I suggest you do this if you want to receive a tax refund. Hope that helps, good luck! :)
If you have no tax liability, there is no credit. The Child Tax Credit can only reduce your current liability. If your only income is non-taxable assistance you have no tax liability and therefore cannot claim the credit.
Welfare isn't taxable, so you wouldn't be filing a return if that's your only income.

If you have other income, then yes you could file. But unless you had some tax liability, you wouldn't get anything for the child tax credit. And only EARNED income makes you eligible for EIC.

Since the baby's due in July, that would give you almost half the year to work afterwards - if you do, then you might be eligible for an EIC - the amount would depend on how much you earned. If your income for that time was enough to owe any taxes, up to $1000 of the tax could be wiped out by the child tax credit. But if you don't work all year or have other taxable income, you won't get anthing.

So unless you have significant other income, in which case you probably wouldn't be getting welfare anyway, you won't get anything for your child by filing a tax return.
Yes you are eligible for the Earned Income Credit of Zero -0-.
Earned Income Credit is the Credit you Earn based on the
Income you Earned.

You may not trade your child in for any credit.

Child Tax Credit is for individuals who fall into a certain income (earned) bracket of which you may not reach this year.

Good Luck

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