Do you have to file for taxes if you receive public assistance or welfare?

I never thought into it and my mother hasnt filed in a while becaue she says she was told not to file. I understood it then being that she was not working but now i need college stuff and they need tax info and she says she has none. I ve heard about some form that is available but i dont know what it is, and how u get around the tax thing anyway. HELP ME cuz i need applications done!
Answer:    If your only income is welfare (or whatever the PC term is at the moment), then there is no reason to file a tax return, as there is no place on the return to put that income. If there is other income, and I mean even just a little bit, it might be beneficial to file the return because you can get some money sometimes with the Earned Income Credit. (There are other rules regarding the EIC - but check it out)

As to your FAFSA question, you do not have to have a tax return if one was not filed. You will need records of your "untaxed income", meaning public assistance,veterans benefits, Social Security, etc. The FAFSA website is referenced below.
There is a limit above which you have to file. You should look into what that number is and calculate your income from all sources before you decide not to file.
Yes, you are supposed to file, even when you are getting assistance. It keeps the IRS off your back later on.
You may still file for the past years with no penalty. This will make things easier for you when it comes to financial aid at school.
Good luck, and congratulations on continuing your education.
Your best bet is to go with your mom to the Internal Revenue Service - Taxpayer Assistance Division and ask to speak to a representative. While you mom was getting assistance,did she have any paperwork to go with it? If so,please bring that with you. Also,both of you might need to bring ID and your Social Security cards,so be prepared. This service is free,so don't worry about that. Let them know what form you need and what you need it for.
Good luck.
First off if your on a non-taxable income you don't have to file unless you file jointly with someone else, and then your income is listed differently than taxable. Those tax papers that the school is looking for, are they for Finacial Aid? If they are you need to find out what your states laws on Finacial Aid are, many schools will count non-taxable income against you even when they aren't suppose to, this is usually because their Student Survices or Finacial Aid department doesn't know what they're doing or knows what they are doing and can get you disquallifed for Grants and Scolorships to get you to take a loan out so that money can go to someone who's income, taxable or not, is well below their cut off point, basicly it allows them to get more students on Finacial Aid. As for the forms, contact your local IRS agancy they can provide you with any form, state or federal, and any documents relating to your's or your mother's current tax situation.
Here's info from the IRS (Publication 17 She wouldn't have to file if all she has is the non-includable type:
"Do not include in your income governmental benefit payments from a public welfare fund based upon need, such as payments due to blindness. Payments from a state fund for the victims of crime should not be included in the victims' incomes if they are in the nature of welfare payments. Do not deduct medical expenses that are reimbursed by such a fund. You must include in your income any welfare payments that are compensation for services or that are obtained fraudulently."

Assuming your mom's payments are those that do not have to be included in income, & that is the only income she has, answer the financial aid papers with "0" taxable income, "0" tax, etc. As you progress thru the form there should be places to enter the payments she received (other / non taxable income).

Why not make an appointment with a financial aid counselor at a college where you are applying (or a local college if it's out of the area)? Then you could ask a financial aid pro for free.

Don't let all this paperwork discourage you...good luck in school.
Answer: Most likely no.

Bring all you tax paper if your mom has any to the IRS and ask to see get them done for you. They may able to do it for your mom for free.

If you have federal tax then you may have state tax return too as well. If you don't have to file then she could just file a -0- return. And that will show the government you had no income for your college grant.
If your mother's only income was from SRS/Welfare, then no you do not have to file. This type of income is not taxable. The SRS office is correct that you don't have to file taxes.

What you could do is have your mother go to the SRS office and get documentation to verify her benefits. How much she gets, how long she's been receiving benefits....
Usually that should satisfy them.

Good luck!
If you are not a dependant of your mother, student services shouldn't ask for her information. If you are a dependant, maybe you should consider claiming yourself since she has no earned income.