What is the difference between claiming "0", "1", or "2" on your W4?

Answer:    The fewer dependents you claim, the more gets withheld from your paycheck .. When you file taxes, your yearly tax depends on the number of dependents you claim. the goal is to not come out owing the IRS too much (obviously), and conversely to not have them owing you much either (because in that case they are giving you back your money which they held interest free).
If you get a lot of interest from savings and investments, you might want to claim a lower number because you're gonna get taxed on that interest anyway.
How much they withhold from your check.If you are the only one in your household you should claim "1". That is what my mom always tells me.
1 is bigger than 0 and 2 is bigger than 1.
I am recently separated and use to claim 1 but wow I had to pay in a lot of taxes. Now I claim 0 and hopefully next year I won't owe so much. How many you claim is how much money they take out of your check. There is a certain amount you must pay to how much you make. If at the end of the year you haven't paid it all you will owe. I hope this helps Good luck :)
the more you claim the less money is taken out of your check. if you claim o more will come out and 1 2 3 is less. i must tell you one must have the claim to be true, you can claim yourself, wife or husband [ both can not claim] and 1 for each child]
Basically, the more exemptions that you claim, the less in taxes get taken out of your check. To come close to breaking even in taxes for the year, you should claim one exemption for every $2000 in deductions that you plan to have.
The more exemptions you claim the less your employer withholds for taxes. This does not change your tax liability, only the amount withheld. If you don't have enough withheld, you will have to pay the IRS later and may be subject to penalties. The link below includes IRS withholding tables. The IRS website also has a withholding calculator to help determine the best number of exemptions the match your withholding to actual tax liability.
W-4 line 5 is the number of allowance you claim. What does that mean?

You have to understand the meaning exemption. Each person in USA have an exemption. In 2005 the amount of exemption is $3,200.00 which means if you earned $3,200.00 or less you won't be tax. If you have a child, He or she has an exemption. You can take that exemption away if you are providing 50% of the support to the child. Therefore you have 2 exemption or in 2005 2 x $3,200.00 is $6,400.00. If you earn $6,400.00 or less you won't be taxed.

Now If you claim -1- on line 5 it mean on you income tax return your exemption is -1-. meaning $3,200.00 of your total income will not be tax. The higher the Number of claim on line 5 the less tax you pay. If you set at -0- then you want the employer(boss) to withhold the maximum amount of tax.

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