How much should I get paid gross to net $60,000 after taxes (or $ 5,000 a month) in NYC?

I want to know how much I should get paid to net $60,000 or $5,000 a month in NYC after state/ federal tax deductions and other withholdings. I will work either as a consultant or as a regural employee. If there is a different tax treatment please let me know.
Answer:    $76,800 if you are in the 28% tax bracket.
Are you American?
If u r in the 20% tax bracket u should gross $75,000. If u r in the 30% tax bracket u should gross $90,000. If u r self employed u should add the appropriate extra social security tax that the employer usually pays but now u have to pay, after subtracting deductions.
The net tax is the same, but if you are a self-employed consultant you can deduct your expenses. You can deduct them as an employee, but they must be more than 2.5% of your income. Also, as a self-employed consultant you will have to make quarterly estimated tax payments.
If you're going to be a regular employee (W2 worker), you'll need to gross between $90,000-$95,000 to allow for federal/state taxes, Soc. Sec., and health ins. deducts. If you're going to be paid as a consultant (1099 contractor), then your income will have to be considerably higher to cover the added costs of your health ins. and other benefits. And since you'll be self-employed, you'll also have to pay all of your Soc. Sec. contributions (employer normally pays half) plus the federal self-employment tax. If you're going to work as a self-employed consutant, it's best to check with a CPA before you decide the income you'll need.
Assuming you are single, you will need to gross $98,000 This takes into account FICA and NYSDI. Annual Gross Gross Pay = $97,683.26
Federal Withholding = $21,164.81
Social Security= $5,840.40
Medicare= $1,416.41
New York= $5,822.11
NY SDI= $31.20
City Tax= $3,408.33
Net Pay= $60,000.00
As for being a consultant, there are pros and cons. As a consultant you could deduct certain expenses such as Travel and Entertainment. But you would have to pay Self-Employment Taxes of 15.3% on your net income from that job. As an employee you only pay 7.65% and your employer pays the rest. You really should consult with you CPA.