Can a cashiers check be cashed in on the day you get it?

Answer:    Absolutely! It is just like any check.

BUT! Beware if someone is telling you to not cash it immediately--that is a sure sign of a scam (and that the check is not real!s)

--From a former Bank Manager
No. You have to wait couple of days for the bank to clear it, after deposit. Only treasury and manager's check are as good as cash.
Yes. It like cash from the bank. Why they take it from your account right away and it can be spent right away. Remember it was paid for to get the check
Before you even deposit the check, stop.
Do you personally know the person?
Can you find the bank in white or yellow pages ?
Is it still in operation?
Did you call the bank main office and the office the check is written on?
Cashier checks can be fake bogus stolen etc.
Should you deposit the check and it is bad you got a bounced check fee even 3 times.
Withdraw any money against bad checks you owe the money.
Bad cashier checks are around more than you think.
Cashiers checks are subject to stop payments just like any other instrument, but unless you have enough money in your personal account to cover the check in case it is returned, you will not be allowed to cash it. You will have to deposit it and wait for the funds to clear before having access to them.