If you make $9.00 hour how much do you make annually?

get paid on the 15th and 31st please give detail on how i can figure out by myself thanks
Answer:    Assuming you work 40 hours a week, your annual income is quite easily figured out. 52 weeks in a year * 40 hours/week = 2,080 hours worked per year. If you want the math easier, assume 2,000 hours per year. If you take your pay, $9 * 2000 hours, you get $18,000 annual income.

This only works calculating full time work. Otherwise, you have to change your calculation. The calculation is h*52*p=i, or hours per week * 52 * hourly pay = yearly income.
$18,720 roughly.. you just X the hour pay by the hours worked. that gives you the weekly pay then X that by 52 weeks.. (year)
A rule of thumb to get an estimate is just double the hourly wage and change to thousands. $9 per hour is $18,000 per year. To be more exact multiply by 2080 which would be $18,720.
how many hours per week do you work? Figure it out this way:

$9.00 x # hours per week x 52 weeks in a year
Assuming you work 40 hours a week and get two weeks paid vacation a year:

40 X 9=$360/wk X 52 weeks= $18,720/yr before taxes etc.

Take the $9.00 times 2080 which is how many work hours in a year providing you work all year 40 hours a week.

52 weeks x 40 hours = 2080
Assuming you work a 40 hour week:

$9 per hour X 40 hrs per week X 52 weeks per year = $18,720 per year.
if you work 40 hours per week...9 x 40 =360. and there are 52 week per year...360 x 52 = 18,720
9 times how many hrs a month
so if u work 80 hrs a month 9times80=720 a month
720times 12=8,640
Depends on how many hours a week you work. The way to figure it out would be:

Amount you earn per hour * number of hours you work in a week * number of weeks in a year

For example, if you worked part time (20 hours a week) it would look like : $9 * 20 hours * 52 weeks = $9360 a year (before taxes)
It doesn't matter when you get paid. To figure out how much you make per year multiply hourly wage times hours per week times weeks per year. Assuming you work 40 hour weeks and work 52 weeks of the year, you would make $9 x 40 x 52 = $18,720 before taxes.
Wow, you really can't do simple math? That is so sad. How many hours a week do you work? Full time is usually 40 hours.

40 hours * $9 an hour =$360 a week, so you'd get $720 every two weeks before taxes.
40 hours * $9 an hour =$360 a week *50 weeks (minus two weeks for holidays and time off) =$18,000 a year before taxes.
9.00 x 40 = 360 (one week)

360 x 52 = 18,720 (one week 360 x 52 weeks in a year)
If you work 8 hrs a day and 40 hrs a week follow this formula:

8hrs/day X $9/hr= $72/day


360X52weeks/year= 18720
40 hours a week. 52 weeks in a year. Do the math.
at 50 weeks it's $18,000

9 x 40 x 50 = 18000
If you work 40 hours per week, you would do the math like this...

$9.00 * 40 = $360.00 per week

You are paid twice per month, so you are paid 24 times per year. Most companies pay you for 2 weeks of work with every check (80 hours). If this is the case with your company, then:

$360.00 * 2 = $720.00 per paycheck

$720.00 * 24 = $17,280.00 per year.

If your company pays you for actual time worked on each check, then the paycheck on the 15th will always be the same, but the last paycheck will vary by a day or two, based on the number of days in the month (28, 30, or 31).
It depends on how many hours a week you work. Without thinking about taxes being taken out, this is how you figure it out.

Multiply $9.00 by how many hours a week you work. Then annually means per year, so take that amount and multiply by 52. So for instance if you work on average 40 hours a week your formula would look like this .

$9/hour x 40hours/week = $360/week
$360/week x 52 weeks = $18,720 per year
I'm not sure how many hours you work. Lets assume you only work 40 hours a week. (40 x $9 x 52 wks) you will make $18,720.00 a year. and you will get $1,560 a month
It's really a very 'simple' calculation, but it's also a long one with some 'variables' ... and you must first multiply that $9 per hour by the number of hours you work each week ... if you get 'overtime' sometimes but not every week that is paid at time and a half or sometimes (on holidays) at 'double time' you may make a bit more. The amount you make in that one week needs to be multiplied again ... this time by the number of 'weeks' you get paid for (some people have paid vacations, sick pay, etc.) so it should be something like 9x40=$360 for one week, and if you get paid for the full year, that comes to ... YOU DO THE MATH.

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