Suggested Categories for Personal File Cabinet?

I am wondering what are good categories for a personal file cabinet. The one who submits the most logical, typical, and complete list wins the points!
Answer:    Mine are:

Front section (for monthly things):
1 - To be paid
2 - Utilities
3 - Credit cards
4 - Bank/Investment statements
5 - Pay stubs
6 - Tax deductable receipts (business, charity, home repairs, etc.)
(Of this, the following gets thrown into a huge manila folder with my tax return at the end of the year: credit card/bank/investment monthly statements (unless they provide an annual summary in which case I shred the monthlies), pay stubs, tax receipts)

Back section:
1 - Lease or Mortgage information
2 - Insurance papers
3 - Retirement account statements
4 - Warranty information
5 - Will
6 - copies of important documents - (front and back of each credit card, passport, birth cert, social security card, etc.)

Have fun getting organized!

Just dont forget porn.