Need help locating Strack Securities.?

I'm trying to locate a company called Strack Securities Service Corporation. The company sold 500 dollar trust units for Getaway Lakes. The units were sold back in
1987. The business is/was located at 18210 Strack Drive, in Spring, Texas,
77379. The phone number then was 713-251-8319. I've scoured the internet,
called the number, you name it. Right now I'm at a dead end. Does anyone
know anything about this company, or can point me in the right direction? I
would greatly appreciate it.
Answer:    Seems like there are a number of Stracks that are/were in the securities business:

Assuming the company wasn't just named after the street on which it was located, can you remember the first name of the owner? Shot in the dark, but if you can then maybe you can find him.

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