Who know Foresters Insurance (Life) is good or not ?

Answer:    yes, no complain
Not sure read some insurance tips on this site
It is reputable, and a safe purchase, but it may not be the most suitable life insurance you could have.

Foresters sells a form of whole life, which is good for a young person who can make the commitment to stay with the policy. For many people, however, term insurance is the better route to go.

I would shop around for my insurance if I were you. Determine what your needs are and buy accordingly.

Foresters may or may not be the most suitable insurance for you and suitability should be your principle consideration as you buy insurance. Foresters is also selling you a lodge membership and that should also be part of your decision process. Do you want the membership? Why or why not?
Try contacting Primerica Financial Services. They will give you a complimentary Financial Needs Analysis. This will show you how much and what kind of insurance you need based on the circumstances that are unique to you. Any insurance agent can sell you insurance, but not all are right for you, will your debt be paid off? Funeral expenses? If you are terminally ill, will the insurance co advance you money from your policy to help you out before you pass? There are a variety of questions to ask. Check out their website, or give them a call, they are in the phone book. Good luck
I worked for Foresters a few years ago. They are reputable and represent many different companies now as part of their portfolio. They should be able to design a plan that is right for anyone.