I am disputing my credit report for double entry?

I have about 6 of the same entry for 2 seperate loans.,.should i dispute the one that says" Account balance: $0, Account transferred or sold,Student loan" or the one that says "Account balance: $1,313, Student loan - payment deferred" I dont know which one will be better.
Answer:    Your dispute letters will take care of that. They should take off the unrated/bankruptcy items since you've not filed for bankruptcy yourself. If that is stating the company's bankruptcy, it won't harm you in the least because it is unrelated to you.

Selling accounts are very common with finance companies. If you haven't defaulted on your loan, the first item simply means that the company sold your student loan to someone else. The second item states that you owe $1313 of the student loan and your deferring payment. Deferring payment doesn't mean anything bad. If your still in school or within your arbitrary 6-month post-graduation grace period, you're allowed to hold off (defer) payment of student loans.

Either way, if you dispute it and the companies verify that information is correct within 30 days, the credit companies will simply place it back on your credit report.
This is the one you should keep: Account balance: $0,
Sounds like this one was the loan getting maintained by a different creditor: Account transferred or sold,Student loan"
Sounds like this one: "Account balance: $1,313, Student loan - payment deferred" is old.
Keep them all however, because they should be dated and it will be obvious to those viewing your credit that the entries are for the same loan (as it is quite clear to you).
If you must report something, the reproting agency allows you to write a small note to be attached to the record explaining your side of the story (usually in bad credit situations you would do this). Your situation is not bad though.
You cannot dispute any of the above accounts because they are the same.

This is what exactly happened.

- You owed a student loan and missed many payments, so they "transferred or sold" the account . That's why the account now is : Account transferred or sold, student loan.

After they "transferred or sold" that account, they will report a new one , that's why you have an account with $1,313, Student loan - payment defferred" .


Edited to add :

If you haven't defaut or missed any payments, then why should you try to dispute those accounts for ? Since they are in good standing.


Edited again to respond :

Now it's a whole different story. In your original Question, you didn't mention anything about Unrated or Bankruptcy . With those status, you should be dispute and get them off your reports. It happened to me once with my Transunion's report , I disputed it and they changed the status. Good luck .