Credit score of 832?

Hi, my friend keeps bragging to me that her credit score is 832. What does a credit score of 832 mean? My credit score happens to be 680. How is my credit score compared to my friends 832?
Answer:    well only 2% in the nation are over 800 so if she is that high...make her PROVE it. There are few people you will know with a score that high who dont have a background in credit!! I can promise you that! Those with a score that high are either credit savvy or they're 60 and have paid their bills so well and have alot of credit. not many like that out there.

if you want to shut her up tell her youre proud of her and grit your teeth in the bathroom later. it will shut her up cuz she wont have anything to make you jealous about anymore.
Your credit score is normal...actually the USA average is 684. Her's means she just has more available funds to use and NO late payments at all; not that you may, but you may be over 2/3 maxed on your credit cards.a good way to build it is to have no more then 10% of your credit spent...example VISA card--limit 1,000.keep the balance below 100.00
Really not much difference from a Home Lending stand point. If you can get that aboe 720 or 760 than you two have the same options. 832 is A++ to the lending world. Your score would be considered A+. Whatever happens dont let that score get below 660 if it does could lose some bonus points from the lender for having a lower score. Yes lenders are wierd like that.
If this is a FICO score, it means that in terms of credit risk, she's better than 95% of the population. You, on the other hand, are only better than maybe 35% of the population.

The maximum FICO score is 850, so she is very close to the maximum. That's pretty impressive. I have spotless credit, a fairly long history, and a low credit utilization rate and I don't even break 800.

She will be able to get better interest rates than you will. And claim more bragging rights. :-)

I'd call your grade a B to her A++.
832 = very, very high. Almost perfect.

Yours = average.