Can a hospital refuse any payment?

my hospital bill is $ 24000 I can only afford to pay $ 100 a month. Can they refuse my payment?
Answer:    They can refuse payment or they can take the payment and still send the account to collections if you don't have a payment agreement with them.

With owing that much money, you should go in person and speak with the hospital.
See if they will discount a portion of the amount.
They also have lists of different charities that aid low income or uninsured people in paying medical debts. Check into that.

Then if they discount a portion, a charity helps on the amount - or not - try to set up a payment plan with them.
If a payment plan is set up, stick to it and never be late or default.
Most hospitals are very willing to set up payment arrangements for outstanding bills. Contact them to explain your circumstances and what you can afford to pay, and show good faith by making your payments regularly.
If someone is refusing payment any payment for a medical bill, you are already talking to a collection agent. The collector may be a hospital employee, but they are definitely a collector. Go in person and talk to the hospital administrator. Thank them for the treatment and admit you owe them. Explain your situation and ask for mercy. Most people in the medical field actually do care.

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