How do i get my weekly markout at starbucks?

i just started at starbucks this week and was wondering how i go about getting my weekly markout. i know you can go to any store, but do you just go up and tell them you want your markout or what?
Answer:    Go into any store. Pick up the coffee you want. Go to the register and tell the partner at the register you would like this coffee as your markout. They will ask you for your partner number. They may ask you for your partner card, which you won't have yet (it comes about 6 months after you're hired) so offer your driver's license or such, or ask them to call your store to verify your employment.and ta-da, you have your markout!
<>You go into any store and punch in your associate's code. You may also have to show your ID if they don't know you.

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