Does walmart pay their employees weekly or biweekly?

does it take a month befor you recieved your first paycheck from there? was it easy for you to work the cash registers? or hard?
Answer:    Weekly but they have to send your paperwork through so about 2 weeks before you get a check. Make sure you fill all of the forms out correctly(tax forms etc.) so it doesn't slow down your paycheck.

You should be able to learn the basics of the register in 2 hours or less, different things will come up though, such as someone with an over the limit credit card or bad check that won't process..
Don't panic just call a manager to assist you

Good Luck and have fun
hmmm i dont know... but i worked at TARGET and we got checks biweekly and the registers are SO easy, its actually a really fun job. good luck!
We have a friend who works there and he gets paid weekly. Your first weeks pay is held for the following pay day. So you only have to wait 2 wks before your 1st pay. I used to run a cash register a long time ago and it is fun. Now all the do is scan everything and the price automatically comes up. Don't worry, you'll do fine.

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