Jobs for one handed persons?

I am having an operation which will leave me incapable of using my right hand for at least 2 months. I am right handed.
Anyone have any ideas for work??
Can a temporary handicap person claim discrimination?? (not that I am looking to make a claim)
Answer:    Telephone operators
You can get a cashiering job & use 1 hand. I was told that Walmart doesn't discriminate.
Phone soliciting from home for charities. Contact charities. Shouldnt you be recuperating from the surgery while you are off? As far as discrimination, some jobs just cant be done one-handed. Contact an attorney for that issue. Good luck!
Hmmm. Dog walker? Yo-yo professional? Provided you are left handed you could be a professional dart player!
If you have computer skills there are many things you can do. I.E graphic work, accountancy etc...
I don't know what type of work you used to have but I'm sure there are loads you cad succed on. Good luck.
You mean make a claim on disability. If you don't have a job already, just wait until it heals. It would be hard to get a job when you can't use your hand. Unless you are a drummer like Rick on Def Leppard and he still has his job and he lost his whole arm.
If it is only two months there is no reason to get training. Try phone work. I have seen a person with one hand lace sneekers, You can do anything, if you try hard enough
this is going to sound very starnge, but you could teach for a semseter.
Can a temporary handicap person claim discrimination??

Yes...under see American with Disabilities Act.
It might depend on the type of work you are looking for. If you look for physical work, you might not find anything until you got at least full function back. Employers look for people who can perform their duties right now. If you are currently employed, ask your employer if he's able to see to put you in an alternative position for this time. You could answer the phone, or do some training/tutoring job eventually. Or try telecommuting from home on a part time basis. Even though it might take you a bit longer.

Or, try to do some courses at a college in that time, using a tape recorder to record what you usually would write down. It goes towards the overall education, and once your hand is again fully functional, you might even have completed a class and have a degree in 'hand'.
As a person with a disability and working with people who
have c p I have witness people with use of one arm do many jobs such as work on a machine running a register
washing tables etc
u can do anything you want to do if u put your mind to it
drummer, hey the drummer from Def Leppard learned how to play one handed when he lost his left arm in a car crash.
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And one more thing . Get Well Soon Bruther !