Should I print out my 2-page resume front-and-back or two pages?

No guesses, please.
Answer:    Please print it two pages. That way when I have to photocopy it for four of my colleagues I don't have to reset the copier.

I don't agree with all the one-page-limit people. They're missing out on some good candidates if they just "throw out a resume" that's more than one page!!

I've had over 20 years experience and multiple jobs (some include movement within an organization). My resume has a lot of white space and bullet points, and larger type to make it easier to read. I would never penalize someone for going to two pages -- especially if the person has a lot of interesting experience.

I would much prefer 12-pt. type going to two pages than the people who cram everything on one in 9-pt. helvetica.
two pages
two pages is the correct way
I have more than 2 decades of experience in a wide range of fields, have lead and taken many specialized trainings and have 2 advanced degrees and my resume fits on 1 page...why can't yours?
front and looks more profesional.
try to shorten it to just one page.
two pages, nobody wants to flip something over, it much easier to keep looking in one direction
I agree with Hawk. You should be able to contain your resume to one page.
Speaking as a professional - two pages. It's easier to refer to during the interview.
1 page only...
Handling a resume always means you should handle it professionally. As the common sense suggests 'Front and back printing' would look very weird. You should always go for '2-page resume' as it gives your resume a professional and aesthetic look.
Definetly on two pages. It will look way more presentable.
I agree with containing it to one page (one side). I discredit the person immediately if I see a two page resume.

Unless you're in academia and are doing a curriculum vitae or something similar where multi-page resumes are similar.