How do i get my postmaster fired if i know all the dirt in the post office?

That is so funny that you asked that I live in a vey rural community and I have to get my mail at the post office, I complained because I never got mail every day it was every other day so I called the big post office and complained and within 2 days the guy was fired I feel bad but it's my mail and he should be doing his job. Now I get mail everyday .
government employees can't be fired, we take care of them for life, even if they couldn't make it in the private sector!
The USPS has its own police force. If the "dirt" that you refer to can lead to a conviction, they would love to talk to you. If you are just pissed off because they mistreated you, they'll give him the benefit of the doubt.
For criminal violations contact either:
the Postal Inspectors (
or the Office of the Inspector General (
Knowing all the dirt in the Post Office will only keep YOUR job safe. Reporting the Postmaster will only result in the Postmaster being promoted and replaced by his wife.

If only it weren't true...