What are the pros and cons of being a waitress?

Answer:    Pros:
-good money for the hours worked
-no education required
-free or cheap food before or after a shift
-easy to not pay as many taxes by not claiming all tips
-easy to find a new job if you lose yours
-good experience in communicating with new people
-you can drink on the job if your friends with the bartenders
-flexible hours if your in school

-it gets hectic as hell
-customers are assholes
-the cooks are impacient
-you have to work with a lot of lazy people
-you have to work nights and holidays
-unsteady cash flow
-management usually doesn't care about you

I've waited tables for four years while in school. Overall it's a good temporary job. It's the most money I feel I can make while only working nights. Just make sure you choose a good restaurant. If you want to stay away from drugs and alcohol it might not be the job for you, the server atmosphere is full of temptations.
Jimmy hit the nail right on the head!! Although, I never had a problem with the drug and alcohol temptation, never saw any of that.
I worked in the industry for YEARS! If you do not have a game plan worked out, you will be trapped!
I always loved being a server. The money is great and you do not have to work a lot of hours to make the money. Even when Biz. is slow, you still come out good. But as I got older, I knew that this is not something I want to do for the rest of my life. I started working in Restaurants when I was 18 and was finally able to get out of it at about 32. I had to go back to school and be retrained. I wish I had stayed in college when I was younger!
ALL the walking can sometimes KILL you! Working nights, weekends and holidays are okay until you have a family. The Cooks get mad at EVERYTHING! Customers are not always nice....The list goes on!
If you are a waitress, make sure you put a plan into action. As you get older you are going to want a good retirement plan and benefits! I know some restaurants offer them, but they are not that great!