Drug Tests at Olive Garden?

Does anybody know if Olive Garden Restaurants do drug tests?
Answer:    Although an employer might not drug test..they do hold the right to request a random drug screen from any employee at any given time which must be completed within 2hrs of the time the employee is informed
Doubtful. They don't at Johnny Carino's. I don't think restaurants drug test. But banks do.
no, resturants usually do not...but hey think of it this way...if you get a new job, think of it as a reason to stop your habit.
I'm sure they claim the right to test at any time but if it is like all the restaurants I have worked then they would loose most of their employees.
Unless YOU are hiding something , why would that matter?
Employers do drug screens to keep their businesses safe
and for the safety of all of their employers.
If you are getting high on anything , do yourself a favor and clean up your act before you apply for a job.
No. Darden (Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Ect.) does not do Initial Drug Tests, but they do reserve the right to ask you to take one if they have enough reason, so if your selling bags at work, and they find out, you could have to submit a drug test.

Our Managers at our OG really dont care, as long as you dont come into work in that kind of state...

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