Do businesses look at your college transcripts?

Upon graduation from college, and application for real jobs, is it common to be asked not only for your degree but the actual transcripts? What is the pull if so?
Answer:    It depends on the organization and the position.
some do, some don't
Some high tech engineering positions may require these while others don't. It isn't a pre-requisite though.....
depends on the company. but i think most of them will ask and look atyour college transcripts.... so... it's better to have good grades to achieve good job.... ganbantte....
I'm not sure about all businesses, but I recently applied for a radiology job with the Air Force and they asked for the transcripts from both of my colleges.

From my experience in applying for management positions, they definitely want to see your transcripts. This is because of all the fraud of on line degrees that individuals claim to have but can't prove. To be on the safe side and to place yourself in competition status, I would say achieve good grades because that shows dedication, and be prepared to back up what you are claiming you can do to prove qualifications.

Good luck,
Tosha W
I'd recommend to anyone looking into employing a "new graduate" to get a signed release to obtain grade transcripts. Resumes can be "created" to make someone look like they have skills they don't have.

It's best practice to be honest on your resume and have a copy of your grade transcripts to provide potential employer. It provides them with insight into your ability to get work done in a timely fashion..
Yes, especially if you go into an educational career. Most employers, however, ask to see confirmation of your degree and your diploma is good enough.

I think it is valid, if you want to teach anywhere. You would not want your teacher to have flunked his own class, would you?
Most definately. The college transcript is the official report that the real jobs can use to verify that you've completed all those courses that you said you have.

Occasionally, some positions you are hired for require completion of certain coursework.
Some do.
If you tell them you have papers and they do not ask to see them than no. If they ask you question about your education and request then yes. so this my anwser is 50/50.
Yes, they do. They don't necessarily want to see what your grades are though. They want to see the classes you took and determine whether or not they correlate to the job in question. If you took classes based on history and the job is geared towards marketing, obviously they won't hire you - even if you got straight A's. Basically, it's all about finding a candidate who has adequate knowledge and experience for the job in question.
Normally, No, but that all depends on what type of a job you are applying for. Some entry level jobs want to know what are your strengths and weaknesses and they will ask for a transcript. Others may ask for it just to see if you are lying. Teaching will definitely ask for it.
I would think if this were a high tech job and you claim a specialized degree, some companies may ask for proof. There have been several companies here in the Silicon Valley that during the boom needed bodies to fill positions, only to find out those people should have been asking "you want fries with that?". I would be proud to show my transcripts if I had a specialized degree and good grades. Take it as a compliment.
only for the first job
when you are newly graduated and very little work experience it is considered acceptable for a employer to view these transcripts, it gives them a clue on your skills and commitments towards projects in the work field........
It is against the law for any College or University to divulge any information about a student. If you have a Degree, that is all that is needed. It has to be assumed from that fact that you have passed all courses.

Up until this semester, colleges used Social Security Numbers for Student iD"s. Now they have
switched to a new system wherein Students are Assigned ID numbers that have nothing to do with the Social security Numbers. They were forced to do that, because Identify Thefts have become too common.

If a company asks to see your transcripts, it may be a good idea to show them your private records, but that is up to you.
only high teck business ask you can they look at them ?
it depends on the company. They will want some type of certification for your bachelors degree though. not so much as to the specific classes and grades
ye is it normal after you graduate college that they asked not only your degree but your actual happen to my friends also because they want to be sure if you are qualified to that job...thanks....
Yeah sometimes they do..... the reason is they want to know how well versed you are in your field and also the time you've spent on praticals... your transcripts gives them a very clear picture about your academics.....
If it is a professional position they want your transcripts and preferably faxed from the school. I suppose there are too many fake diplomas out there.
Many businesses ask to see your transcripts for two reasons. The first reason is to look at your overall GPA. Many times in larger businesses, they use GPA to cut down the number of applications they go through. So, they might decide to look only at applicants that have a 3.5 and higher. If that does not give them a good number of candidates, they might lower that number until they get a good candidate pool. Once they have cut down the number of applicants, the business will then look at course work taken to see if it is relevant to the job. This will help them decide which candidates they will interview many times. Although, it does depend on the field you enter into. Some fields will look at transcripts (like accounting firms) and some won't. The best thing to do when applying for a job and you are unsure if you need a transcript is to call the company and ask if it is part of the paperwork to apply for a job there. If this is not the case, or you are uncomfortable doing that, then you can always say "transcript available upon request" on your resume. That way, it puts it in their court. Just be prepared to produce the transcript when and if they ask for it. Good luck!
my son is 27 yrs old and just got out of the airforce, he applied for a job and not only did they look at college transcipts they got his from high school too.
depending on what you are applying for yes and no.
Not unless you are applying fo CEO of a fortune 500 company. i know people who have lied their butt off on applications and never been caught
Yes, they do....thats why its so important to get good grades while in college instead of just shooting for a 2.0. All the extra study time pays off once you graduate.
allow me to anser this question for you. the response is to see how you were performing in the sollege prior to entering the rel world of business where if you make a mistake (assuming it was a minor mistake) then the management will override it.

lets take me for any example: I had a store a while back ago and boy was i in the need of some college students to boost my sales up.

had you come to me, perhaps the hourly wage in effect would be what was back then plus perhaps as an incentive I go have offered to you 5% of the sales that you produced over 5,000 usd.

I do hope that you do understand my logic and that you will vote for me.
Some employers look at your transcripts, more look at sites like My Space, so don't post the pictures of you getting the barber chair tequila treatment!