Farewell Party - Last day at work?

Hey People,

It's my last day of work tomorrow and it's customory in my company to throw a farewell party.

I know they are throwing one for me but what do I say when they put me on the spot.

I don't want to say anything stupid coz I see no point in spoiling relations as I'm leaving although I'd like to give a piece of my mind to a few people.

Any ideas on a short speech I could give.

Answer:    Raise a glass and offer the following toast to the crowd:

“"Here's to those who wish me well and those who don't can go to hell."

Say it with a smile and no one should be too offended.

Hope this helps!
Thank you I have enjoy working with all of you . I made some good friends and have learned alot.

Short and sweet
it is easy just say thank you so much, it is great pleasure to worked with you guys and good luck, keep in touch (probability you will never say them in again)