Why is it that everyone blames someone else instead of accepting responsibility?

So I have this person that I work with that blamed me for them overlooking something. I think she just wanted to take a stab at making me look bad. I think she is jealous of me getting all the praise and her getting none. What can I do to back this girl off?
Answer:    It's not everyone. It's most, but it's not everyone. I "fall on my sword" when it's called for and own up to my mistakes. That's how you get respect in the workplace because it's really nothing personal. I have found that the faster you claim an error, the less time anyone has to get into a huff about it. It deflates recrimination almost immediately, saves feelings, and keeps things on track. I really wish others would do the same thing. Imagine how smoothly the Katrina debacle would have straightened out if someone took responsibility and stepped up to the plate. They were all too busy covering their bums saying it was someone else's job that it took many times longer than necessary to mobilize and work it out.

That said, there's little you can do about someone so insecure they need to point fingers at everyone else. If this is such a habit of hers, it probably is well known throughout the company, so you're not likely to look bad. You can't hold your coworker's hand and make sure she sees every little thing. She has a job to do just like you and should be taking responsibility for knowing the expectations of her position or go do something totally safe and without accountability.

Kill her with kindness. The passive-aggressive approach might work best. Smile and say, "Oh my gosh, I'm sorry you missed that. It looked pretty obvious."
Because it's not my fault that everyone else is stupid except me.
You been bad again?
Cause ppl today have splitting and projection issues big time.
I don't know either. If I do something wrong I own up to it, that's just how I am.

But, just keep doing your job. I'm sure the bosses know that she is just a busy body who does a piss poor job and then blames other people for her short comings.
Just say it straight to her, 'It isn't MY responsibility to double check everything that you do. When you make a mistake, then take responsibility, don't pass the blame onto me.' that should make her back off, if she doesn't then next time she blames you give her a REAL gangsta look like you just killed her mama! That WILL make her back off!
That's so annoying !! It is simply a very bad habit to be jealous and try to make others look bad.

The best thing is to step on to her and make it very clear that she should only blame you if you really made a mistake. And even then...people who work make mistakes, it is only a problem if you don't improve afterwards.

At luck your boss seems to know what you're worth as you do get his praise....it means she will probably not be successful !
because they a afraid to hear what someone will say about the situation. just ignore her or tell your boss about it
arragonce is what makes ppl blame others. All u have to do is try to be nice to her....if that doesnt work sneak in and hang her at night....heheh.
Leave it be. Your work shows your merrit. She will eventualy sabatoge herself without realizing it.
I would like to hear her side first before I answer.
usually people that can't take the blame suck at life and try to blame people that are better at their job so they don't look as bad for example one of my managers sucks at his job and I'm like you and am spectacular at it he constantly makes mistakes and doesn't think it's his fault he will mess something up then i have to redo it but he will never admit that he is the one who did something wrong. unfortunately i don't think there is anything you can do but you could say something to this person about blaming you or talk to your boss that way when they do it again your boss will know it's not your fault. hope this helped
The world is filled with unhappy and maladjusted people who think that they can make themselves look good by making other people look bad. They can make themselves feel good by making other people feel bad about themselves. They are emotional vampires. Some of them even get an adrenalin rush by doing this.

I have found that a good way to deal with these people is through sarcasm. When someone tries to put me down, I cheerfully agree with them and happily say something even worse about myself. They eventually figure out that I am making fun of them and that they are not getting through to me.
It is more fun if you can do this in front of an audience.