Job options for a non-people person?

I have found that while I excell in service positions (retail, call center, etc) I do best in jobs where I am not constantly interacting with people. I do not have a degree, and while I LOVE history and would easily obtain a BA in that field - again, I don't want to have to deal with people every last second of the day (teaching is out!)

Any ideas on what "average joe" jobs are out there that I can do while getting my degree? I've tried data entry/file clerk, retail, entertainment costuming (fun but lousy pay) food service, and receptionist, ::sigh::
Answer:    Truck driver - only have to see people at stops.
Factory work. Try Fedex or UPS.
my granddaddy isn't one all though he ween to work for as and human office and loved it animals dont talk back i think i am going to look into it my self
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Night auditor at a hotel? Warehouse security guard? Barback? Prep cook?