My paycheck bounced for the second time in 4 months. Can I resign and collect unemployment?

I want out of my current job desperately, but do not want to "quit". This is the second time my paycheck has bounced...anyone know if this creates "just cause" to resign and be eligible for unemployment benifits?
Answer:    You need to contact the labor board in your state and the district attorney too. That is illegal to bounce paychecks and twice is ridiculous. No, you won't be eligible for unemployment benefits if you resign. Best to take the route I described so you will get your back pay and can move on to another job. Start looking now.
Wow, that is crappy. I am an HR major in college, but I haven't learned about unemployment law yet. However, I suggest you go to your local unemployment office and ask them about it. You are not getting paid, and that's a problem. I would imagine you could probably sue your employer for this. You've been working for free, which is not right. Talk to your local unemployment office and they might be able to direct you to where to go to get your money.
I would personally let the Better Business Burough know about this, and I would also take your employer to small claims court to get your money. I would then start looking for a better person to work for
Nope, nope, and not a chance. You should have been out there looking for other work when you discovered the first check was made outta rubber. And take your schmuck employer to small claims or take some of his crap, like a computer and leave. I'd keep some of his stuff and hold it ransom for what I'm owed. By law he has to pay you somehow. But no, the government would be most reluctant to hand you a paycheck to chill for a few weeks because you made a lousy choice in employers.
this is why your employer wants you out dont give up go see the Better Business Burough you have rights
there doing this to make you walk out you have nothing to stand on fight your employer
i would call the better business bureau and report them. a company can not be bouncing checks while they are in business. some one is pocketing money.
Call your local police, The I.R.S. tax people, the local BBB, the national BBB, the N.C.P.A., the local business licence grantors office. and call the credit agencys and put a negetive report about your employer on record also look around at this website for other ways to get revenge on your employer the local state employment office might want to take a really close look at your employer's finachal books. Hire a lawyer and sue for the withheld wages which is not legal. good luck.
I assume your company made good on your checks, right? So that's not an
issue. The issue is can you trust that your future checks will be honored on
the day it is given to you and you cannot. That would be just cause to leave
and apply for unemployment. Bring all the documents you can - as in bank
charges for bounced checks.
wait until employer lays you off because the employment office will hold back 6 weeks for quitting. i advise you to go to your local state labor board with the bounced paycheck..they can help you with this problem..and advise you of your rights.
Don't do anything until you've spoken about the situation to the Labor Board in your area. They'll want to resolve this matter without you drawing unemployment but will be advocates for you if it can't be resolved satisfactorily. You are in the right and have the force of law on your side, they'll not want to buck that. Don't tell anybody at work about going to the Labor Board or the employer may try to find some excuse to lay you off "for cause" and you may never get paid or lose your good standing. Don't do anything to jeapardize your legal standing like stealing as suggested by another answerer. You need to have "clean hands" for this to work. I know it's a *** but you have to be patient a little more.
A bounced cheque is not a good sign. Sounds like the company you are working for is not financially secure. Start looking for another job, in the meantime, contact the labour board. Go speak with the unemployment people, then can advise you of what is best and probably have some job leads.