How long till Short Term Disability kicks in?

Answer:    That will depend upon the Short Term Disability policy. I would check with the benefits administrator at your company to find out how long it can take.

Sometimes the first check takes the longest to come in, but once that comes in, the later ones will be pretty steady.

Make sure you find out exactly what forms and requirements are needed to completely and accurately complete the paperwork and make a copy of each form you submit. Any paperwork you need to mail in, it might be worthwhile to pay for certified mail so you can prove you submitted the form, or use a carrier like FedEx or UPS which has a tracking form. The payments can be delayed if they don't have all the proper paperwork completed as they will have to go back and ask for more paperwork which can delay your payments.

Make sure that any doctor's visits and paperwork to the doctor was turned in and then double check with them to make sure they processed the paperwork (including documenting the dates they submitted the paperwork).

It may seem like a lot of extra work, but this will help speed up the payments.
10 days
one or two weeks