Do I put my résumé in a folder or envelope?

I am applying for a job that requires a résumé. This is the first time I ever turn in one though so I don't know how they must be submitted. I made a cover page to go along the résume and the Job Application. Do I put all these papers in a folder/envelope or do I just turn in the papers by themselves? Please Help
Answer:    Are you handing them in to a person and leaving, hoping for a phone call? Or bringing them to an interview? Or mailing them?

If you're bringin them to an interview, a folder in hand is probably best, and just in case, bring an extra resume so that if there's a second person, they have one as well.

If you're mailing-just the application and resume with the cover letter in an envelope.

If you're leaving them, put the coverletter on top of the resume and don't fold it. Just the paperwork, not envelope or folder. Your resume should have all your contact information (if you put "referrences on request" most places will toss the resume so have all info right there without having a ten page resume). The cover letter should have all info to contact you also but only a summary of why you want the job, the position you want, and the basics of why you're great for the position. Put the application on top, paperclipped with the resume underneath. And good luck.
Always use a folder!!
Hi there! I would get a manilla envelope, or a white one that closes. Then you can write your name on the front and the position you are applying for. This way all of your things can stay together, and don't get mixed up with someone else's. Make sure that your name is on all papers at the top, and don't staple or paperclip them. Good luck!
Fold into half, put into envelope and send it off.

remember to address to the right person.
double check you have your correct contact number and email in your resume.

good luck ♥
Folder is much professional
I work in an office and I always prefer the resumes to be handed in without an envelope, folder, etc. It's much easier to have it ready than to have to open up whatever it's inside of. Plus, we never keep the envelopes so it only makes for more clutter.

Good luck in your job search!
Envelope. Then the other people who work there don't have to deal with a big folder.
If the advertisement asked for resumes to be submitted by mail then an envelope.

Have 2 copies, nicely typed and on good paper to bring to an interview, one for you and the other for the interviewer in case the first one is not to hand.
No more than two pages and make sure achievements and contributions to any organization you were involved with are mentioned

If you are just leaving a resume, either way is good but use a large envelope so you do not have to fold if you choose that way. Try to find out the name of the person responsible for hiring and address envelope and cover letter to that person.

Wish you best of luck and remember the resume is only the key to an interview. look up career sites and get tips for interview techniques
NEVER fold your resume! Also do not staple these pages together (the exception is a multi-page resume, then you staple just the resume - but someone relatively new to the job market should have a one page resume).

Put the cover letter on top, then resume, then application, I suggest you hold them together with a paper clip, this gives the most options to the person handling - if they want it in a folder they'll have a supply of them, if they want them stapled they can do it, etc.

Put it in a 9 x 12 envelope if you need to mail it. Yes it takes extra postage, but when someone is reviewing your resume you don't want the crease or the possible results of the crease, including smudging, scraping off of printed ink, etc. People generally handle unfolded business documents with more care than something that comes folded, so if you fold it you are also inviting possible accidents - coffee spillage happens and is more likely if the document appears less formal.
you may want to bring them in a folder so they don't get crinkled, but before you hand them in, take them out because they are much easier to read. use a staple to keep them together.
Folders are often suggested by people who don't actually look at resumes. As others have stated, they tend to get in the way more than anything and can even look pretentious. You don't want your resume to stand out for looking sloppy, but in most situations you also don't want your resume to stand out for looking too cute.

You could invest in a nice, linen paper stock (see link), which would give a clean, professional appearance without looking over-the-top. Be sure to use a laser printer or an inkjet printer on a high quality print setting - print lines and marks look tacky on the original and even worse if the resume is copied or faxed somewhere.

If you're handing it in, bring it along in a folder or portfolio but just submit the resume itself. If you're mailing it, a no. 10 envelope is fine - preferably of the same stationary style as the paper your resume is printed on (EDIT: The others on this board are correct - you should not fold. Actually, you might consider sending in a Priority Mail envelope - the service is fairly affordable at about 4 bucks and the envelope is sturdy. It will initially get noticed but as a means of delivery rather than a means of presentation.)

A final thing to keep in mind is that presentation is important because it can act as a disqualifier more so than it would increase your likelihood of being hired. Just cleanly jump the hurdle and don't worry about getting fancy.
most employer's like to have the paper work not folded, [really does not make a difference, but it looks neater in a folder or a large envelope that does not fold the paperwork] it shows neatness and efficent...