Can my employer fire me for calling in sick?

I have been working at a company for a year and this will be the 2nd time I have ever called out, and now they are threatening that my job may not be there if i decide to call out.
Answer:    Depends on the terms of your contract, if you have one.

It's unfortunate, but employers have far more rights than employees in this country. If a company wants to get rid of you, they'll find a way. That's just the way it is.

I'd start looking for a new job if I were you.
they can
no they cannot fire you for being sick.

if they do go to the labor board. you'll get ALOT of money from them
thats a trick question. and it also depends on what state you work in. If you have a union job no they cannot (and they know they cant) If not again it depends on the state but if the state is a right to work then they can fire you for whatever pleases them.

Personally I would start looking for something else sounds like they are going to get rid of you no matter what anyway.

Good Luck.
They can fire you for any reason.

Come to work sick. Make sure that everyone catches what you have. The following week, when the whole office is out sick, laugh.

A former coworker came back from vacation with a very nasty cold. He never missed a day of work, but 3 people who sat near him were out of work for a week. At the end of the year, he was bragging because he got a perfect attendance bonus.

At the end of the day, he got his butt kicked.
not if u have a doctors statement
In general, they can fire you for pretty much anything that is non-discriminatory. But keep in mind- If they tell you that you are being fired because you've called in sick twice, and you know that they haven't fired others in the company who have done the same, then you might have recourse. However, the time, frustration, and expense of doing so wouldn't be worth pursuing it.
If there are 50 or more employees, call the Labor Dept. to see if you are protected under the Family and Medical Leave Act.
See if you have any sick days that you can use at my job we have 5 sick days that we can call in for.
I guess you can take him to court! In my country you can not be fired while being sick!
This is just wrong. If you can get a doctors exucuse. There is something called the Family Medical Leave Act. This lets you take time off if you are sick. I think as long as you are not calling in sick all the time without having an excuse your employer can't say anything.
No, definitely not. If they do, sue them.

Each company has their own policy. Some pay for 1 sick day a month and it can be accummulated, some don't but when you are sick, you can be excused to be off work without pay. Some ask for a doctor's note if you are sick continously for 3 days, you don't need a doctor's note if you're sick only 1 or 2 day, but to be sure, check out your company's policy. If there's no policy in the company, then go with the Labor or Employment Standards Law.

Many companies also have policies for those who claim sick days constantly which may affect the productivity of the company. In this case, the employee should take leave of absence and claim Sickness Un/Employment Insurance Benefits from government or from group disability insurance.

The only time the company can fire you is that you are caught to pretend being sick for certain times with their warning.