Quitting WALMART?

do you have to give 2 weeks or is that just prefered?

i just started and still in training but i am going to quit since it is taking a toll on me, and i was wondering if they would accept it w/o 2 weeks
Answer:    Custom and courtesy calls for two weeks' notice. Whatever you choose to do, they are required by law to pay you for whatever time you have actually worked (punched in). You might choose to give them notice, but they might decide not to give you any more hours from the moment you tell them - so, do what you want to do. But if you can, you really should tell them two weeks and let THEM be the jerks about it.

Good luck.
I dont blame you. I would give a two week notice for the simple fact that you are the winner here.
Ask HR to provide you with Walmart HR Policy, You can demand it .
the "two weeks notice" is given for the company to find someone to replace you. It is not manditory for you to do it. And if you say you quit, with or without the notice, then you quit...they have to accept it. There isn't anything they can do if you do not give them a two weeks notice.
Giving 2 weeks is not mandatory, but is only a courtesy.
nobody forces you to work.
If your being trainined and have no intention of working there, i would think they would not want to waste futher resouces on training you for two more weeks to no end.
Two weeks is polite, but i doubt they would take you up on it if you bother,
It depends what state you are in. If it is an "at will employment" state you can quit whenever you want, it is just considered courtesy to give 2 weeks. Plus it looks better on a resume'
You can quit anytime you want. You don't have to give any notice at all. But it is always good to give at least two weeks, you don't want to burn any bridges, you never know when it could come back to bite you.
We'll, I actually worked at Wal-mart and I put in my 2 weeks, than took it back cuz I couldnt find another place, and than I found another job and gave them a 3 day notice! I didn't care because the wal-mart I worked at was crappy and everyone was very rude. They told me though, that they will not re-hire you, but you dont have to give a notice if you dont want to, its juct nice to but I didnt give them one. If you want to quit, I would. + its wal-mart. The customer service is crappy!!
just quit right away.That reference is not going to look good anyways.
I don't think you need to give notice since you're still in training. But go to your supervisor and tell them you want to leave, without giving a time frame. They might tell you need to give the 2 week, and they might tell you to leave immediately.
Being a retail manager, I would really like a 2 week notice when people leave. In your case you are in training, and it would be a waste of their time to continue the training, knowing you aren't staying. You can leave without notice. They will probrobly list you as not re-hirable if you do that, but it's Wal-Mart - who cares.
Don't blame you for leaving there.....It really is the low end of retail. We won't even hire people if they worked for Wally World.
If Walmart or any other company decided to fire you...not for theft or any particular cause but just because they felt you weren't working out they would fire you that day and you'd be gone. You would never get the two weeks notice companies demand as a courtesy. If you are ready to go...then go!
You should always give 2 weeks notice for quitting any job. Since you are in training, they may let you go earlier.

Its always good to stay on your soon-to-be-ex-employer on your good side. In other words, no "one finger salutes" on the way out, dont burn any bridges. You never know who is who, and who you may end up working with/for in the future.
If this job is taking a toll on you and your training person is acting like they want nothing to do with you....perhaps go over head and complain and ask for a new trainer.... if that's not working them simply and calmly state that you'll be turning in a 2 week notice because of what it's doing to you. It's not a law it's usually just a common courtesy thing.
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