Should I go back to my old job?

A couple years ago, I left my department of 10 years (which I managed) to go work in the IT Department of the company I work for. The guy who replaced me is now coming to IT, meaning my old job is open again. I’m wondering if I should go back to it.

PROS of going back:
I knew my job like the back of my hand.
I enjoyed managing people.
It was a quick pace, which I thrive under.
My old department was entry-level, meaning there were many younger people, which kept me energized.
It was a more visible position.

CONS of going back:
It will cause a dent in my paycheck.
Professionally, I would be moving backwards instead of forwards.
My ego might feel bruised, like admitting I made a mistake in leaving to begin with.
My old staff might interpret my actions in leaving and coming back as flaky, which is not the example I want to set for them.

I am certain that my current position is not a good fit for me, but other factors complicate the decision for me. Should I go back?
Answer:    It sounds like you want to go back. You can go back, and still keep looking for a higher-level job in your free time. Do what makes you happy.
Why step backwards in your life? Only move forward.
It dont matter how much pay is...YOU HAVE TO BE HAPPY AND LIKE WHAT YOU DO!! Pay cut or not. Do what really makes you happy. Go for it! And it's not taking a step back...just had to add that. Whats the point in working if you hate it
Depends,if ur Job has a high pay(not sre wat ur Job is didnt read) sure why not?
Well, if you do well in your old job, and the new position isn't working out, I wouldnt stress too much over looking flaky. You don't want to be miserable at a job you don't enjoy doing, or don't do well.
If you think it would truely make you happier in the long run...then sure. However, take into concideration that the guy who replaced you followed you to your new workplace. Coincidence?
I would say no. You need to be looking to the future and advancing to new positions and learn more. Going back to your old job may prove to be boring and not challanging.
I say do what makes you happy. It sounds like going back to this old job is right for you. Ya, you will make less money but that isn't what is important. Don't worry about what your co-workers think and don't let your ego get in the way of being happier where you work. Work is a big part of your life and if you aren't happy with that, it will likely affect everything you are doing.
No You should just move on. I'm sure there is a much better opportunity for you out there.
First you have to figure out why you left the old position for the new...If you were happy in the old position and the paycut doesn't hurt you go back...if the reason you left was for a reason of of maybe needing a new challenge, do you want to go back to that just to need that change again. You can explain it that you were trying new challenges, but you were very happy in your old position and that is why you came back. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Good Luck
If you are unhappy in your current position, you need to change something. Is there a possibility to promote into something different within your current department? It is hard to be in a position that you do not particularly fit in, you know you will be a better employee when you are doing something you like. Also, when you are happy at work it is better for your overall health and well being. $ is not everything....if you cannot promote, I would say swallow your pride, joke with your former department that you missed them and could not go on without them, and get on with feeling good about your work again. Good luck!
It depends what you feel, if you think then take the decision of changing arise.
I look at it like this. You are at your job 8 to 12 hours aday.Some people more some less. This is half your life and you need to be happy and enjoy what u do.If you enjoy what your doing now then the cons for your old job out way the pros.If your not happy and don't enjoy what your doing now then the pros for your old job out way the cons.I hope this helps.Good luck
I'm with Bush Whacker on this one. If the person who replaced you left after 2 years, maybe your old job isn't what it's cracked up to be. There must have been a compelling reason for you to have left your old job in the first place. I think the other thing to consider is what would happen if you went back to your old firm, and then remembered why you left. It would be really bad form to subsequently quit the job (again!) to find something else. The familiar is always comfortable, but it's not necessarily the best spot to be. Don't look back, and find another position elsewhere that's a better fit. You're in a growing industry that is constantly looking for good IT people.

Good luck!
If money is your most important reward in a job, and/or you cannot live comfortably without your present salary?

If you are more comfortable in a familiar environment. If training and passing on your knowledge to another younger trainee, seeing one become a success, knowing that you were able to contribute to their success, and feel a pride and reward in that?

I don't mean to imply that this refers to you.
If one has fear of failure outside ones environment, there is an old axiom.

"Stay one level below ones level of incompetence".
Not meant for you.

I have felt some satisfaction in life, knowing that I may have contributed to others success.
Two owned their own business, two are very successful sales people. Two have become successful with important jobs.
There may be others of whom I'm not aware.

I received the same from many others, too numerous to mention. I wish they all knew what they had contributed, from school teachers and throughout my career.
Personally, I never recommend doing something when you yourself don't "feel" right to do it. Especially the cons involved your mindset. Without the so called "gut feeling" to say Yes to going back to your old job will be a major barrier for you. In short, it makes you upset and unhappy as a person.

So, I would suggest that you look somewhere else.