Whats the best way to describe a server job on a resume?

I am drawing a blank and really need to highlight the customer service and sales portion of serving.
Answer:    What's wrong with waiter or waitress? I would list the business establishment first, then my official job title, and then all my duties and responsibilities. Trying to glorify what you did with a fancy title (that's unofficial) will hurt you... as a potential employer, I'd see it pretty damn close to dishonest.
look for a job ad and us those words, but sel it. you handle 200-500 on a nighlyty basis.
knowledge of diverse food
censure customer sastification
do you train new employees?
Culinary engineer specializing in high quality customer service.
I wore a greasy uniform and got people's food. I was pretty good about not spitting in their food unless they really made me mad. I cleaned up after those slobs and did it with a smile.most of the time. I got some tips, mostly lousy, that is why I'm turning in this resume to you. I have gas, but I usually wait to let it out when no one's around.