When a company changes its dress code or uniform policy who should be the one to provide the new attire?

The company I work for is changing the dress code policy and they are saying that we might as well purchase our shirts because they may not have enough in by the time we have to be in dress code. They provided us with the smocks before so why shouldn't they provide us now?
Answer:    It is up to the company's discretion.
Quit working at McDonald's.
Just wait until you get yours. If they ask why then say "I'm still waiting for you to provide me with the right material."
if it is a specialty item then they have to buy but if its just a certain color or something like that you have to provide. a black polo is not a unusual item. but a beige shirt with your company logo is.
What does it say in the company rules? Maybe you got them for free before, but does the company HAVE to give them to you, or do you have to pay according to contract?
I think the business should provide them. My little sister works in a restaurant and they just changed their dress code. They now have to have Levi jeans, which wouldn't be so bad, but they have to have a specific number. I think it's dumb and rude for a company to change the dress code to something so specific and then require the employees to buy their own. If it was something like you had to wear a certain colored shirt and khaki's then I understand the employee buying their own, but some places cross the line.
Ask them? My work does not supply my uniform. You are lucky if yours does. Why should they pay for your clothes? You wear them and knew they had uniforms when you went to work for them.
the co. i work 4 is changing our dress code i think the co. should pay for the attire after all we r advertising their co.
Usually if the company requires you to dress in a uniform they will either supply the uniform or reimburse you for the cost if you have to purchase it. Your question suggests that they have shirts coming for you, I would assume at the company's expense. I would ask your supervisor if the company will be reimbursing you for the cost of the required shirts. Make sure you keep all the receipts if you have to buy them, and turn them in for reimbursement.
There isn't a law stating that the company has to provide you with work clothes. If you don't want to purchase them, then you can choose not to work there.

On the brighter side, the money you spend on work uniforms is tax deductable.
When a school starts to require the student's to wear school uniforms then it is up to the parents to buy those uniforms. I think that the school should make a deal with the supply companys to give the parents a bulk discount, but the parents would still have to pay.

I think the same is true at your work. When someone comes to work on a construction job they have to provide their own boots and gloves. Those boots also have to meet industry standards. If not that then that employee can't work on the site.

Smocks can be given any employee, other employees can wear those smocks, and when the employee moves on the smock stays. You can't do that same with shirts, so your company has a good precedent to stand on. If they are telling you to buy the shirts and then offer to give a limited number to other employees, however then you should be reimbursed by the company for those shirts. But, if you leave the job the shirt stays.

In the US military you are issued your uniforms, but you are responsible to maintain them and to buy new ones when they wear out. The military gives everyone a small monthly clothing allowance (extra pay) for this. When you leave the military you keep all the clothing you bought or were issued. It is illegal to wear military insignia for a unit that you are not serving in, but you can do what you want with the clothing.

Once I worked for McDonalds, they had a uniform and supplied two pair of pants and two shirts. We had to maintain them and when we left the clothing went back to McDonalds. Ask your company what their policy is. If you have to buy their shirt then you own it and can use it elsewhere. You could even go onto another business and still wear YOUR shirt.

Once you explain that to the company then you can ask them for a pay allowance to buy those shirts. If not then those employees that buy their own shirts own them and will take them away if they ever leave the company. If the US Military requires people to wear certain clothing then they have to supply that clothing. They also have to give the person a pay allowance to maintain and replace that clothing. If you work for a fast food company or UPS or any company that requires a uniform then that company has to supply that uniform. If they require you to buy it then they should either reimburse the employees or let the employees do what they want with those shirts (their personal property) when they leave the company.
When my mom's company changes the nursing uniforms she always has to buy her own.