Can I collect unemployment if I work two jobs?

If I'm working two jobs and get laid off from one of them, can I still collect unemployment if I work the other job?
Answer:    Perhaps... yes, it depends upon how much money you make in the second job. When you file for unemployment, they determine a benefit award.

You cannot earn more than that amount in your second job. Your unemployment check will be reduced by the amount of money you earn in your second job, so that the max amount of money you can earn weekly and still collect an unemployemnt check must be less than your benefit award.

For example:
Benefit award: $400 a week
Second Job earnings: $300 a week
Unemployment check amt: $100

Unless you earn only a verly little bit of money in the second job, you can normally earn more by getting another job.

Talk to your local unemployment office for specific details about benefits in your area.
You may be able to depending on the amount of time you worked as well as what the amount of weekly income the other job provides. You will have to talk with yur local unemployment office in the State Section of yur phone book, usually the Blue Pages. Contrary to popular belief, I have found them helpful in answering questions and job training and job searches. Use them to maybe find one job that will take care of you instead of splitting between two jobs with possibly no benefits.
don't u think it is unfair to other people that have no job? u take away the allowance of a person that might need it more than u, considering that you have a job left.
It will depend on what state you are working, but in California what you can collect on unemployment depends on how many hours and what you earned in a week.
So, if you are working only a few hours at your second job and only earning minimum wage you are entitled to at least a portion of your unemployment.
Check with your local unemployment office
no you have to be not working at all in order to collect unemployment