What if interviewer says they will call for a second interview?

Answer:    that means there is someone else that they are considering as well and can't decide. or it means that they want a second opinion from a colleage, could be that it just their policy. you could wait a day or two for the call but me personally i would call them and inquire about the second interview
They will call you if they want a 2nd interview.
they may or may not call - keep looking, but good luck
Then you wait for the second interview call.

It's a good sign when they say they want to call you back for a second interview - it means you've made the initial cut.
Doesn't mean anything..just means they are unsure but its a possiblity they may choose you if no one better comes along.

Don't hold your breath!
Have a chance that you hired.
It means he's hot for you. Don't miss that interview if you want the job! And remember to "dress" apporpriately for the "second interview".

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THEY must of loved the first one.
Call them back. I am a manager so I know what we mean when we said that 'we' will call 'you' back.
This usually means that they are interested but there are other applicants that may be better qualified... they have to interview them first and then MAYBE get back to you
Some Companies, like Wall-Mart, have three interviews before you are "hired", so, if you are on the second one, then hope for the third, or maybe the second will do.

Either way you are an "interest" to them. They have to check you out, (back ground check with the Police Department), and then they will see what comes up after that.

I wish you well..

I have been told that by two different jobs. One job called the other didnt. It's a 50/50 thing.

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I have had that happen. They did call me back for a second interview. But I didn't get passed that one. It probably means there are a lot of applicants and they may forget who you were. All they remember is they like you.
If they said they would call for a 2nd interview, they more than likely will. If they said they'll be in touch... who knows then. Most interviewers don't like to cause any conflict, so they'll be nice and say they'll be in contact, and then don't. I would call about a week after your 1st interview to check on the status of the position. Also, don't forget to send a thank you card/letter immediately following your 1st interview. It is a nice touch and it helps them to not forget about you. It also shows interest.
he wants you to show cleavage next time
It means they are not interested in you but they dont want to break your heart
most of the time it means that you're not what they're looking for and this is their way of "telling" you up front about it. chances are slim they'll call but then again you never know. in my experience though it usually means that they are still looking for someone else or they are looking for someone more qualified than you.
"Second interviews vary with each company. Since you are going to meet with different people, you can expect to be asked some of the same questions, beginning with “Tell me about yourself, or “Walk me through your resume.” Do we like you – are you going to fit in?" (More of this article in the first link below.)

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