Social worker with a felony?

have a felony for robbery when i was 18. I am not 26 and in college. My question can i still become a Social worker with a felony
Answer:    Contact your states licensing board and find out. if they let you get a license, I can't see why anyone would hold that against you since you were so young. also, see if you can get that record sealed or expunged at your local court house. you will not even need an attorney. Anyone who goes through all that school, gets good grades, and shows a positive attitude and work history, looks good in the employers eyes.

Sealing is available in some states if you can't expunge it.
as far as i know you can, indeed, and it is actually an asset for you to have known the "dark side"!
kudos to you and good luck!
im going to guess Yes. you may have a tough time working with children though. you might ask someone else. like a social worker.
probably not (Robbery is considered a violent offense)? was it a conviction or a deferred probation? You should probably ask this in Law & Ethics...
As long as you haven't had anything else added to your record, I don't think it matters.. As long as you've got an education and a love for helping people, that's all that matters - and that is what the employer will see.

People make mistakes - we're all human, we've all been young and mischievous.. You can only learn from your mistakes.. And it sounds like you've learned from it :)
I am sure that you can go to school and get a degree in social work but , the real question is if someone would hire you. 9 times out of 10 they wouldn't hire you because of the felony that you have. they would probably use the excuse that they found some one more qualified for the job.
You should look at the requirements on-line in your state for hiring state workers. Many social workers work for state or federal agencies, and many of those agencies state as part of their background requirements that people with a felony conviction are not accepted (although you can try applying for an exemption). See as an example ...

Private companies will also sometimes ask about felony convictions on a job application.

As for the advice of getting your record "expunged" ... well, it may cost you nothing but time, but in all states the law typically does not ever allow the expunging of a felony arrest for someone who was not a minor (and 18 is considered an adult). Felonies are very serious crimes - a robbery, unlike a burglary, involves seizing someone's property through violence. That's serious and frightening to many people. You should be getting reference letters from anyone you have gone to school with (i.e. professors) or done any volunteer work with, but face the fact that it can be an uphill slog. Just as your victim will likely pay a long price for the rest of their life in fear (has someone broken into my house? Is someone going to threaten to hurt me if I don't give up my wallet?), you too have a social price to pay for your action.
Absolutely not. You cannot work for any arm of the government with a felony like that. Don't listen to these idiots.
Sure, you can apply, but once they see "felony" your application goes right in the trash.

And again, don't listen to these idiots. If you have your record expunged, which you can even for a felony like this one (as long as you have paid all your fines and have successfully completed parole/probation) then you do not have to ever say you were convicted of anything. Regular employers cannot see the arrest or conviction on your record at all. But if you apply for a job as a social worker, any government, D.O.D. or Law Enforcement entity will be able to see your full record.

Besides, why would you want to be a social worker anyway?? The ones who work for CPS are part of one of the most corrupt unaccountable child stealing organizations that use my tax dollars that I have ever encountered. Do something good with your life, get a little more schooling because you can do better than that phsycology degree can't you?

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