I gave a two week notice before I left my job.They told me I can leave the same day,what are my rights?

I gave a two week notice on 08/14/06.They told me to leave the same day and paid me till 08/16/06.I want to know: by law in NYC, am I not supposed to get paid in full for the next two weeks after the notice.Because if this is the case then they are firing me and I will request a letter that I am fired and I will apply for the unemployment until I find something better.If they will not want to do that, do I have the right to sue them?(It is a public company by the way)Thank you.
Answer:    Normally a company will give you the two weeks pay and let you leave the same day.Mainly because if someone knows they're leaving , they don't produce. It sounds like they let you go,problem is you beat them to the punch!! Call the labor and wages board in your area and they will let you know how to proceed. It sounds like the company is badly managed.
If you gave notice for two weeks, they have to pay you for the two weeks if they want you to leave immediately. That is your right.
Sounds like they FIRED you...
they down right fired you. if u offered a notice, that means they didn't accept your resignation and opted to fire you. you have a right to get unemployment benefits. the company may deny your claim, and you could sue.
If they are at at will employer in an at will state (you will need to check your state labor standards) then what they did is legal and you just separated employment. Check with someone in your state's policymaking arena and they can help with better information.
Chill out... The same thing happened to me and they paid me for a while after kicking me out in response to my resignation and all that despite my two weeks' notice... Nice try about getting unemployment though...
Sounds wrong (what they did)...now don''t get sue happy. Call your local labor board and see what I they have to say...
I do hope you kept a copy of your resignation letter:) Good luck to you:)
You were fired ... which is illegal because by law you can't fire someone for wanting to quit.
yea they have to pay you for those two weeks...if not sue them
It is not uncommon for an employer to immediately terminate an employee after receiving 2 wks notice...
It is common practice and probably a good decision on the employers part...
You have no much right sometimes the employers might decide to cut their losses and send you earlier than your suggested redesignation date.

Otherwise it all depends on the contract you signed on the how much time each party should give each other
It sounds like they terminated you,or they would of allowed you to finish the 2 weeks.Get a letter from the company explaining their view point on the reason.It may be your word against theirs.Did they give you a reason why they told you to leave the same day?You MAY be able to get unemployment depending on the circumstances.They do not have to pay you for the 2 weeks you did not work.Do you still have an employee handbook?It may give you some advice on your situation.
This happened to me. I put my two weeks in...they told me I could leave that day. I called many places about this - they all told me the same thing "Its their right". They dont HAVE to let you stay the two weeks...you giving 2 weeks is a courtsey to them & they dont have to give it to you or pay you for it. They can let you go that day and get away with it...whos to say you wont give out company info during those 2 weeks? Whos to say you will actually work and care about your work during those 2 weeks? Whos to say youre not going to have an attitude and start fights/drama during those 2 weeks?

do you see where Im coming from? Yeah it sucks and it pissed me off, but they have every right to do it esp if they think its in the best interest of the company...

My god .you seem being fired.

Go to local labour office for more details
Unless you had a deal or contract stipulating two-weeks severance pay upon notice to leave, the company can consider minimum notice and terminate you. If they did not say you were actually fired, you are entitled to file for unemployment immediately, since it is considered the same as a layoff, eventhough no cause was determined. If you claim you were fired, you may not be able to file for immediate benefits.
Call and find out what your rights are then contact the person who told you to leave that day, first ask what they plan on doing (ie: paying you or not, and for how long) and if they say they're not going to pay you then stand up for yourself. Tell them what you know they should be doing. Most people think they can get over on people cause they don't know their rights. If they know they're in violation then they'll most likely give in and compinsate you.

PS Record every detail you can remember, and save everything. Write down names and dates of when you talked to people. Incase you need it to sue.
You quit. They are not required to keep you for the duration of the 2 week notice. Doesn't matter whether they are public or private, you quit and they chose not to keep you the last 2 weeks.
You have no right to sue them. When you give a 2 week notice, you are telling them that you quit. A 2 week notice is nice(it gives them time to find a replacement for you) but not a requirement. The company does not have to let you work your 2 weeks or give you pay for time your not there. Also they did not fire you, you quit when you gave your 2 week notice.