Is it a good idea to apply to the same company twice?


I’m just not sure if I should apply for the similar job again when I was rejected few months ago for the similar position in the same company. Well...I got the second round of interview, but in the final selection, I was rejected. It happened a few months ago, and I sent the hiring manager a formal letter after the rejection that I am still interested in the position and asked the hiring manager to let me know of any similar future positions within the company.

Today, I found out that there was a similar position opening in the company. Well...I didn’t hear from the hiring manager, I found out about it on the public recruitment website.

Do you guys think I should apply again for the similar position?
Should I give another try?
Or is it going to sound too desperate?

Does any of you have gone through similar experiences like this and successfully landed a job at the end?

Thanks always for great replies!
Answer:    Without a doubt, the answer to your question is YES. By all means, you apply for each position to the same company as if it were the only job you were going for... if the company is large, odds are they won't even realize you're applying at different departments. If it comes up in an interview, certainly admit that you really want to work for this company, and that's why you've applied for several openings.
Do not apply for the job a second time around DIRECTLY...write to them, stating your position, that they have your application on file and you would like to be re-considered for the position.

HR managers get so many applications, they can forget - you made it to interview stage back then, so you had something to offer, but evidently someone else pipped you to the post.

The key to getting a job, sometimes is persistance, but you should never send in a application twice - just a golden rule.

Remember, the HR manager will also give you credit for your continued interest in the company. So, just send him a letter stating the fact you previously applied for the job, had a interview, and state what you have been doing in the months between the jobs.
in my opinion it is i mean it would show how much it means to u and it would also b a good idea if u call them nand let them know that you wanna succeed in this company