Aflac Interview-What to expect? Do I have to Invest My Own Money?

Please tell me what to expect at the interview and if I have to invest with my own money and if I have to pay for my school and license as well? Will they lend me the money to go to school? I'm a single Mom and I have to take off of work without pay to go to this interview. If it is worth it, I will go. I just need advice from people who have had the Aflac interview. Thanks so much!
Answer:    Yes you pay upfront About $350.00 for the class and then the gas, food, travel, License and if you get it now by may or june you will have to license(fees) But the good news is take all off the end of the year taxes as expense.
What's the position? Why are you leaving your currrent job?
They'll probably just convince you to work for little or now money, while they turn you into a salesman, unless you already are. Selling insurance is hard, but I did mortgages, which is much harder. If you are good at sales, do it. If not, stick with steady pay.