What kind of clothes should you wear to a job orientation?

I was just hired at Wal-Mart and in 4 days I have orientation. I'm not exactly sure what that is and I was wondering if an orientation is something that I should dress up for or look casual?
Answer:    Since you are working at Wal-Mart I wouldn't wear a suit unless you are a manager. I would wear khakis or dress slacks and a dress shirt. You always want to look nice for your first day.
a suit
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It would not be necessary to dress up in fancy business clothes or a suit for your first day at Wal-Mart. However, definitely wear business casual clothing (khaki pants, nice pants or a skirt, a tasteful sweater and nice accessories) because you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.
wear what you would wear on a casual first date...
Pertaining to Wal-Mart I also would recommend a business casual style. You should be comfortable in the outfit that you choose. Be conservative, no high heels, no deep V blouses. Every manager has different qualities that they look for in an individual and although you may be applying for a particular position the manager will be looking at where you may benefit the company down the road.

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Business casual. Just some slacks and a button down shirt. I wouldn't overdo it.
check out what other people who work there wear & wear something similar