What is the normal time frame ,after submitting a resume, to hear back from someone, if they are interested.?

Answer:    My experience has been that they generally get back with you within a week, if they are interested in you. It depends on the industry, and also it depends on if they are trying to fill a position that is already vacant versus one where they know someone is leaving - most people give two weeks notice, so if you haven't heard by two weeks, I'd start giving up on them.
If they are trying to fill a position that is already vacant, they are going to want to try to fill it ASAP - you may hear from them within a day or two.
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two weeks tops.
I sent a resume off to a company in June and they called on Friday a week ago to set up an interview. I had completely forgotten what the job was.

Most companies get in touch with you within a couple of weeks. You have to give them time to get all the resumes in plus have a once over to see if they are interested.
It really depends. Pay close attention to how long the job has been posted and how long they are keeping it posted (accepting applications). They will usually have to go through numerous resumes and then find ones that closely match the job and their interests.

I would say usually between 5 to 10 days if they are interested.
Two weeks. It doesn't hurt to contact them after one week. Depending on how harried the hiring person is, a little extra contact with them won't hurt. Just don't be a pest. Been there, done that.
depends which country, whether is a graduate programe (which can take 3-4 weeks) or ad-hoc recruitment (which can take max 2 weeks). In UK financial sector the time is within a week.
Just submitting a resume does not show your true interest in being hired by a company. You have to manually follow up, so that the company can see that you are not just feeling them out, but trully wish to be employed by them. A typical job opening can get as many as 100 applicants. The resumes get read, and filed for later follow up. By visiting them again and inquiring about your resumes placement in the pile, you are assured to keep getting yours placed on or near the top of the stack. Follow up every few days or once a week, until they tell you the position has been filled. Don't stop there! Ask them if there are any other positions available within the company that you can apply for. This will show them you are sincere in your search for employment with them. Hope this helps.