Is it ok to have a goatee during interviews?

I shave my mustache and leave my goatee. Interview is for HR assistant. Goatee is trimmed
Answer:    The best way to answer you question is to think like the third person --- what will the interviewer think. Even how much modern day society stress out that everyone is entitled to personal style and grooming, it is very hypocritical to say that we will not be judge by how we appear. Yes, the modern society has still the neanderthal thinking that discriminates and profiles a person according to image.

For a company that is into creativity, a goatee should be fine. But for a more corporate setting, goatees may suggest something negative. My suggestion is to be on the safer side, and trim the goatee. Your image maybe altered, but your character will still be enforced. And in the end, character matters more than image.

Good Luck in your interview!
Not really.the more clean cut, the better you're chances. Then again, it really depends on the environment. But for an HR, I'd say shave it.
as long as it is neat, you should be fine.
Frankly, no. Outside of the entertainment industry or creative arts its probably a distinct negative to have any time of facial hair.
Depends on the job. What is the dress code / "goatee" code of other employees what do others in the company look like? If everybody is clean shaven then you will not fit in, so shave it off ... if others have goatee's then you should be ok..

Good Luck!
it depends on the job and the person(s) interviewing you. but as long as its clean-cut you should be fine.
It truly depends on the companies dress code. See if there is information online or simply observe other employees before going in on the job. Generally speaking, no facial hair is preferred. If it is HR assistant for say a construction company, they will be much more relaxed than HR assistant for a bank.
If it is a job where you are influencing other people, or expected to set an example for professionalism, then no. If you go to the interview and see that the company is a little less formal, then you can always grow it back after your hired!
Facial hair these days is perfectly acceptable if very presentable, which it sounds like yours is. If you present yourself with good qualifications, and the company wants you, they may offer you the job on the condition that you shave. In other words, it won't keep you from getting the job if they want you. But I think you'll be fine with the goatee.
First impression is everything on an interview. Take a good long look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, do I look professional. The answer lies within you.
well clean cut is best ( you always want that edge over the other guy), shave it, you can grow it back, good luck my friend
it has to look well groomed. make sure theres no food crumbs stuck to it before the interview. kidding. i'm sure you got that one covered
u never know... if u can carry it off... not feel awkward abt it, then i wld say yep, have it. coz u mite stand out in da list of candidates, and after all the role is for HR. A smart and modern look is always appreciated,. :) go with it.!
Yes, if you are male. (Facial jewelry is not widely accepted though).
In general, whether or not it's OK to sport a beard, mustache, or goatee is a matter of what's common in a particular job and company. For example, a construction worker can typically have long hair, tattoos, etc. with no problem. My experience in an office environment, such as H.R. would be that you'd want to shave it as goatee's aren't common in a business environment. If you get the job and subsequently find that the office culture supports having a goatee, then you can always grow it back.
It's all about perceptions.
I've interviewed 6 people in the last 10 days.
I'm not concerned with facial hair as I'm concerned with
attitude, intelligence, confidence, and being articulate.

With an H/R position, I feel the same way.
But If you want to play It safe..
I would recommend growing It back, company permitting, well after you have established yourself.

Good Luck!!