How much do overnight stockers get paid at walmart?

Answer:    It really depends on where you live. I was offered 7.50/hr. What they do is take the base pay and add a dollar for night stock. I was going to be put in dairy, but current employees told me you never know where you would be. I dont know about working for them, unless I was really desperate. Their employee videos are sort of brain-washing and had things I didn't agree with. Anyways, it just depends where you live, you could call the Human Resources at the Wally you were thinking about and ask what the base pay is, they don't pay you more if you have experience. Personally I would check out night stock and a large grocery near you. Near me the grocery paid $9.50-10.00 @ night vs. Wal-mart's pay. Ok I think I said enough.
At 36 hours per week, they make $7.00
$7.00 is about right. Be aware, you'll be given a zone which you will be responsible for. You will also be asked to cover other zones your co-workers can't handle, to assist customers whenever they ask and to help other employees with bulky items or large shipments. All while still maintaining your own area.

Managers troll looking for unstocked areas on the shelves. The work itself is goal oriented - you'll know exactly what is expected of you. In order to succeed on a night shift, you're going to have to make some lifestyle adjustments, such as eating well, good sleep habits (no sodas, etc.) and be able to juggle the "night owl" attitude.

Good luck...