Im filling out a job application, it asks this "do u enjoy working with ppl?" what is the best answer?

it has to be less than 75 characters
Answer:    To cover all bases, you should state that you enjoy working with people as a team or can also work independently with minimal supervision. If it is the type of job that has clients or customers, then you should also say that you have excellent "customer service" or "client-based interaction" skills.

This question seems ambiguous as I'm not sure as to which "people" it is referring to! If you know the context of the question, answer accordingly.

Good Luck! and happy job hunting! Stay positive!
it depends what kind of job you are applying for
The answer to that question is ALWAYS yes. Employers like poeple people, if you catch my meaning. They like people who can work with others, whether or not you will work with other people every day.
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The best answer would to be honest and write what you think. Everyone else is going to say "I love working in a team... it is so important to have people rely on you and you to rely on them to encourage strong business growth and prosperity" or something else gay and insincere like that. Say "I do like working with particular people. If I do not like them I will probably not work well with them in a team. So they can stick it if they have a problem with me" By being honest your employer will allways know where you and they stand and will know that you won't turn around and stab them in the back for your own benefit and you know that they will fire you if you do something they don't like. So write what you feel not what you think they want you to say.
Yes. People are a crucial part of my world and a tremendous source of energy for me
put " yes i get along well with others when working together"

something like that and use your own words
I enjoy working in a team-setting, however I am also comfortable working alone.
Tell them you work equally well as part of a team or alone.
Depends. If the job involves working with people, you'd better say "yes" if you want to be considered. To say "no" would be the kiss of death in the job seeking process.
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The truth is always the best answer. If you don't enjoy working with people to have a job that requires that would make you miserable.
well be honest, do you? if yes, tell them your a ppl person and you love meeting new ppl and experiencing teamwork efforts, if no, then say that you work better in small groups and prefer to work as an individual with little assistance.
The truth. When I read applications, I can see the hooey in the fake answers from a mile away. Just be honest and use your own words.
u always put yes dude. that way u have a better chacne getting hired
Of course you do.

If you write a job application the way you wrote this question I'm afraid you're out of luck.

A resume or company application is your first introduction to a potential employer and if you misspell and use bad grammar your application will be filed in the G file - GARBAGE

This is your opportunity to sell yourself so make the best impression you can. Make sure somebody reads it before you submit it to avoid errors. Remember first impressions are very important and a bad one will not get you an interview. Employers get thousands of applications and you have to try to stand out. The object at this stage is TO GET THE INTERVIEW