Can you get acrylics if you work in food service?

Nothing too long, just a little bit.
Answer:    I have worked in food service for over 6 years. Most of that time, I have had my nails done... The comment on breakage and falling off must be from someone that has never had acrylic nails. It is very rare for your nails to just suddenly break or fall off. You have to stub the hell out of our finger to even crack acrylic nails. Nail polish does not flake off like it would on natural nails, it wears off because of the top coat they put on the nail after color or airbrushing them.
Personally, I would rather have someone with nice nails to take my order. If your nails are gnawed on, it looks like your hands are always in your mouth...not a nice thought. Just remember that if you crack the nail...put a band aid over it, so the chance of it breaking off in someones order is not there. Then, as soon as you can...preferably before work the next time... go get a fill in... most times, depending on area...less than 15 dollars. good luck
Depends on your state's laws and your bosses preferences. Honestly it's not sanitary or safe. And you are at risk of damaging your nails (with breakage and fungus) and end up dumping more of your hard earned money at the nail salon just to keep them in shape. I would advise against it.
No, not if you work at a school. No Fake nails, no finger nail polish. They could fall off into the food. Restaurants aren't as strict.
I believe the answer in Iowa is no. Even at a movie theater we weren't allowed to have artificial nails.
...your smile will distract from them anyway...dont fret

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