Jobs where you can sit down?

My mom has a medical issue that makes her unable to stand for very long. She wants to get an office job, but has almost no computer experience. Are there any jobs, besides office jobs, (part-time) where she can be sitting down most of the time?
Answer:    There are a lot of receptionist jobs where you are answering phones and greeting clients. Perhaps something like that. She really has to be friendly and rather outgoing for this. It's so hard to find a job, especially if you have limitations like that. So, best luck to her!
tell her to get social security
Some manufacturing assembly jobs are sit-down, such as inspection. Can't think of anything at this moment. Good luck!
Check out or for receptionist jobs
maybe like a customer sevice desk
just look for one
cingular wireless, other telemaketing places.
If she doesn't want to get an education she can try
gas station booth.
airlien reservation agent @
Assembly work, information desk, that's all I can think of.

I suggest she go to a temp sevice, most of them will train for computer skills and office work. It's never too late to learn new skills.
doing free surveys
you can't replace this for a full time job but it's free and very easy
if you spend about 5 mins a day you could bring in around 200 extra a month.. very nice for doing hardley anything
ummm...telephone operator?
some factory work is done seated... call centre..telephonist..
receptionist..there is so many ..just got to
OK, Since an office worker type job is not an option, then she might want to look into a hpone operator postion or an emergency 911 dispatch operator. 911 operators are usually at the POLICE/FIRE Departments. They ARE SIT down type jobs as all you have to do is answer the 911 phone lines. KEEP in mind that this job means working holidays years round as well as three different shifts. 8-4, 4-12, & 12-8. You could end up working any of the above lsited shifts or just one, OR at the very worst you could end up on a rotating shift.
I have a home business that can easily be done sitting down. It is in the health and wellness industry, and all she really needs is a telephone and possibly you could help her with tracking on the computer. It is an investment under $200 and as long as she works it, she could be earning unlimited income in no time. It may help her with her medical issue as well, as it has done for me and many others. I would be happy to show her how.
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