If I'm going to orientation, does it mean that I'm hired?

I went to an interview at Hollister Co. (a retail store in the mall) earlier this week. They called today and said that orientation is on Sunday. All they told me is that I'll be filling out paperwork and things like that...

So does that mean that I got the job? Am I hired?
Answer:    Yes, especially if one of the forms you fill out is an I-9, which can ONLY be filled out upon hire. Unless the company is bent on wasting money on paper and manpower on having someone conduct an orientation, I'd say you have a job at Hollister. Congrats!
yes you are hired
YES! Orientation is the beginning of training. They will have you fill out all the paperwork necessary and fill you in on what your duties will be. Congrats!
99.9% of the time, if you are in orientation you are hired.
Yeah, usually only people that are actually employees go to orientation.
ask THEM, not US!
that means yes they are going to give you a chance. you will then prob go through a probationary period so you can see if you like it there and they can see if they want to keep you! congrats!
yes but sometimes they give pee test at orientation
Usually, but not there is still a chance you may not be.
Wow...This situation has only happened to me once...and "yes" this means you have the job. The crappy part is that they didn't make you an offer...you don't know how much they're going to pay you, what benefits, if any, you will be entitled to, etc. It's pretty arrogant of them to assume you still want the job, and they put you in a situation where you can't negotiate any of the terms of your employment. It also shows how discombobulated they are as an organization (at least at that particular store). Take the position if you really need it, and you have no other offers...but keep your eyes open for signs (you'll know what I mean if there are any signs), and trust NO ONE!!

Good luck! And Congrats!!
Yup, have fun.
yes - I called them for you and they said yes you are hired and make sure to show up on time. It's at 3pm in the food court.
yes you have the job unless u do drugs and they have "random" urine drug tests and woohoo ur number has been selected
I'd say the answer is almost certainly yes, but almost certainly is not 100% sure. One time I was told to come in for training, so I quit my other job. The new job was pretty simple and at the end of the shift they told me OK now you're trained. We'll call you next time we have an opening. I told them where to put their job. They went out of business pretty quickly and I didn't shed too many tears over it.
Yes, orientation is that time when you are lectured about the company, benefits and all that the company will like you to know about them. Congratulations and Good luck to you!
yes i think your hired
Yes, you're hired most likely.

Many companies stated clearly right up front if you get the job or not before giving you an orientation and also ask you to sign some papers, usually the employment agreement

But for companies such as telemarketing or those recruiting sales, sometimes they do the orienation first ..

Good luck