Legal help needed! I am being charged for missing an more...?

I started seeing a reflexologist last month, I had an Indian Head Massage to relieve Migrane. I had made an appointment to go back to her this month but couldnt make it as my nan, who is 90, was rushed into hospital. I didnt let my reflexologist know as obviously I had more important things on my mind.
I recieved a letter from her today with an invoice for the full amount of the treatment!! She also writes that if I call her to book another appointment she will reduce the missed appointment fee by 50%. Isnt this blackmail??

She dosnt state anywhere on her website that if you miss an appointment you will still be charged.

What should I do?
Answer:    Hmmm. That is interesting. I know a lot of places will charge you for missing an appointment without giving them notice. However, for it to be legally binding, I do think that they have to inform you of that beforehand. It may not be on the website, but it may be in some papers that you signed or somewhere else.

You may want to check and see where they have this policy printed and how you were informed of it. You may need to get some legal help to fight it if they just pulled it out of thin air. If you just drop it and walk away, they may pass it on to a collection agency and then it can worm its way into your credit.

If it is something that they do but never disclosed before you made the appointment then maybe reporting them to the Better Business Bureau might do some good.

In any event, you will probably not be a customer of theirs is you do not pay this bill. If you get them to drop it or just don't pay it, I can see them refusing to do business with you in the future.
I believe she can only charge you if she has informed you & had you sign saying you were informed.
Tough call. Most doctor offices will charge you the full amount of the cost of the appointment if you don't give at least 24 hours notice. They are not required by law to have that posted on a website, but in most states they are required to have it posted somewhere visible in the office. Sounds to me like they're being unreasonable, so my advice is to contact the office and explain the situation. You should also offer to provide proof that your Nan had to go to the hospital. Hopefully they'll give you a break. Good luck!
call the authoritys
sue her
tell the council
send her to court
or stop seeing her and find some1 else she dont have the rights to do that its theft belive me my grampa was a police man and now he teaches university students how to be a police man!
some promotion!
Since your 'nan' was rushed to the hospital, you should be able to retain a copy of their check in sheet from the hospital, or even get a doctor's note from their physician. I would take that documentation to your reflexologist and explain to them what happened face to face. If they are still acting all boo-hoo over the missed appointment, I would suggest seing a legal advisor so they can counsel you better on the situation. I'm not sure if every place does free counseling, but even if you were to call an attorney's office, you could probably get some good advice as to how to handle it.

Also, depending on the contract signed (you know all of those forms that you first filled out upon your first visit?), they can charge you whatever they please if it is stated in the contract.

Pretty much the best way to deal with it is to politely talk to them about the issue, since people are oftentimes understanding. Just whatever you do, don't get nasty with them: it just causes that many more issues.
Unless she made you sign a form that states you were aware of this policy and agreed to abide by it she is screwed. Dont worry about it, tell her to shove it.
you dont have to sign anything to be charged. if they have a cancellation policy then she can charge you. for the most part if you explain the situation to her she will let it go but there is no guarantee. and no it is not black mail.
talk to her nicely and be polite and explain that you had an emergency situation that you had to take care of. you do have to look at things from her point of view also. so just be nice about it and shell probably will work out something with you. she may not give you your money back but she could consider it as a pre payment for another appointment.
Don't pay her especially if it was not clearly stated somewhere or she never told you verbally. I doubt she will sue for something probably under $100?
If she didn't actually provide the service, you don't have to pay her. At least, that is what we were told in massage school.

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