I'm filling out a job application for a position at a Best Buy Store... need some advise!?

I have applied for the job of Gaming, Music and Software. The description is restocking shelves, assisting customers, etc. I am currently stuck on the following question:

"Please comment on how your prior education and experiences qualify you for the type of employment you are seeking. Detail any past responsibilities and achievements.

*Note any special coursework, honors, activities, special projects, military training or any other data that will assist us in considering your application for employment"

I know some may be good customer service, attendance, and loyalty, but what are other good qualifications for the position?
Answer:    They probably don't need a lot of info other than to know you are a good slave.er...sorry...'worker' , that you will show up on time and not try to leave early and that you smile a lot, are helpful and are accurate in placement of items.

That said: that you will effectively be rendering $50 worth of service for their ah... measly $10/hour.

Good luck with it. You'll do very well.

After work: go to Library and read Robert Kiyosaki's best seller: :Rich Dad, Poor Dad". It could change your life.for the better.

Keep Smiling!
Just like in an academic sense, if you had to follow current events for a history course (or something along those lines), I would suggest that you somehow mention your knowledge of current developments within the gaming industry. If you keep track of news from the various companies, you're going to be more suited to provide your potential customers very good customer service. It's hard to sell a product without knowing about it first.
My brother was in upper management with Savon Drugstores now Albertsons. He told me they are BIG on honesty. If they catch a tiny lie, you are OUT. You are handling money. Tell an honesty story from the past. They will give you a list of about 40 to 50 questions, you must answer fast. Some are tricky. This is about all phases of customer service and honesty. Use common sense. I am being honest. I must not have passed. It wasn't because of honesty.

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