I'm meeting with a Mary Kay consultant for a free makeover and possibly to start a biz. Should I wear a suit?

I mean, should I dress the way they do on their web page, or is biz casual or casual okay and expected of a 26-year-old?
Answer:    This biz, requires you to stock pile makeup and all the other stuff they sell, you have to purchase a minimum every 2 months, sign up others, pressure them into charging up their accounts to stay current for your benefit and your directors benefit and it is a heartless neverending battle of pressure with no regard for consequences to get where you need to be just to keep others happy above you. It sucks, truly. causes some people to end up with debt they cannot handle.
Suits are fine, but today you see more people dressing a step down. You can be casual, but still look professional and dressed-up. Accent with a little jewelry (not too much), nice shoes with a heal, and maybe wear your hair up. A nice manicure would help too. Good luck!
It's Mary Kay (yuk yuk yuk) wear your bathrobe and slippers.
casual.and run with it! mary kay is a great company. grow with it..they want to attract so many markets and the possibilities are endless. best of luck!!
I love MK products, but I would ask you to be absolutely positive this is what you want to do before signing up and beginning with them. You must carry inventory, whether you sell it or not, and there are over a million reps. Lots of areas are saturated.
If you are just looking to start a home business make sure you check them all out before making a decision and find your niche. It must be something tht you love to do or it won't work.
I have been in Direct Sales for almost 15 years and I from experience, if yu don't like it, believe in it, or have concerns about the product, you will not be able to sell it. If you want a list of direct sale companies and home party plans you can go to DSA.org and see a listing of all companies. I do lia sophia jewelry with I love. If you want more info let me know and good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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Who cares....I mean really. Sorry, I do not mean to sound harsh. When you buy your demo kit, she will not care what you are wearing. lol.
But, my question is,..why Mary Kay? Do you know how many consultants there are out there?
Try Passion Parties...! You can't buy those products at your local corner market! Think about it!
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Being a consultant for Mary Kay you have to wear a suit or dress when attending Mary Kay functions and having skin care classes and working with clients. However, just going to have the facial and discuss the opportunity, dress comfy and presentable, don';t go in what you would clean the house in. And contrary to what previous people posted, minimum order you have to place is $200 wholesale a year to stay active and not have to resign a contract. In order to receive the 50% discount you have to place a $200 wholesale order once every three months. And you DO NOT have to maintain an inventory. Yes it helps your business but it is not required. If you don't want to place the $600 initial order then don't do it! Thye will try and try to convince you to but only do what you are comfortable with. Mary Kay can be a great opportunity, its what you make of it. Just don't let your recruiter pressure you into anything.
Actually, you never have to wear a suit as a Mary Kay consultant. It is strongly recommended but not required. Remember, as a Mary Kay consultant you are running your own business. No one can tell you what to do, how to dress, how much money to invest, etc. If done right, a Mary Kay business can be very successful and lots of fun. Just don't loose yourself in it or give into things that make you uncomfortable.